In 1930 there were 5 teams in the competition, Acton, Ainslie, Eastlake, Manuka and Queanbeyan. With Queanbeyan back in the competition again several ex-Queanbeyan players that had moved to Ainslie in 1929 returned to Queanbeyan. This left Ainslie with a lack of players early in the season and they struggled, losing their first 7 games.

After playing 10 games Ainslie was 2 wins and 8 losses and sitting in bottom place but still had an outside chance of making fourth spot with Acton and Manuka on 4 wins. For their crucial 11th game against Manuka the Ainslie team was to be picked from:
Manning (Capt), Williams, C Lalor, A Lalor, Sutton, Baxter, Anderson, Bryan, Lyng, McDonald, Walsh, Horgan, Miles, Loftus, Denman, Gourlay, Cotton, Harrington, Daley, Callaghan, Febey, Grieg, Gaylard and Kiely.

Ainslie had a win over Manuka, 4.8-32 to 3.7-25, to move within 1 game of making the top four.

With one game to go Ainslie had to defeat Acton and hope that Queanbeyan defeated Manuka to get into the finals. Ainslie did defeat Acton, 8.15-63 to 7.13-55 and Queanbeyan defeated Manuka so Ainslie moved into the top four for the first time during the season.

The first Semi-Final between Queanbeyan and Ainslie was played at Northbourne Oval. Ainslie upset Queanbeyan to win 11.11-77 to 6.12-48. After Eastlake eliminated Action in the second Semi-Final Ainslie were to meet Eastlake in the Grand Final at Manuka Oval on Saturday 6 September. Under the rules at the time Ainslie would have to beat Eastlake twice to win the Premiership.

The Ainslie team for the Grand Final was to be selected from:
Manning (Capt.), Williams, C Lalor, Maloney, Sutton, Baxter, Anderson, A Lalor, Bryan, Lyng, McDonald, Welsh, Horgan, Miles, Gourlay, Harrington, Daley, Callaghan, Grieg, Febey and Gaylard.

Eastlake defeated Ainslie to win the Premiership.

The final score was: Eastlake 14.16-100 def Ainslie 7.7-49. Best for Ainslie was Baxter, Manning, Lalor, Febey, Grieg, Gourlay, Horgan and Miles.


The Ainslie Juniors finished the season as Minor Premiers and played Eastlake in the Grand Final. The game was played in atrocious conditions and full of controversy. At three quarter time Eastlake protested that the third quarter in which they were kicking with a strong wind was 5 minutes short. Under protest Ainslie played the extra minutes and at three quarter time Eastlake led 6.0 to 2.6. Ainslie had the use of the wind in the last quarter and with 5 minutes to play the score was Eastlake 6.0, Ainslie 4.9. At this point the football burst and there was no replacement on hand. While waiting for a replacement the Eastlake team left and the umpire awarded the game to Ainslie.

The League however ruled that the game should be replayed two weeks later. Ainslie easily defeated Eastlake in the replay, 16.15-111 to Eastlake 4.6-30 to win the Premiership. Best for Ainslie were: Murray, Brinkman, Cannell, Pola, Knight (5 goals) and Stephens (4 goals).

Mr G Kennard was the Manager of the Ainslie Junior team.


  • President: F C Green
  • Vice Presidents: T James and J Mulrooney
  • Committee: W Miles, J Gillard, W Cottingham, G Millard, and G Welch.
  • League Delegates: D Dunlop, G Millard, W Miles
  • Hon Secretary: D Dunlop
  • Ass Secretary: N Anderson
  • Treasurer: G Currie