There were seven teams in the Canberra League in 1961, Acton, Ainslie, Eastlake, Manuka, Queanbeyan, RMC and Turner.

Ainslie finished the home and away games in second position behind leader Eastlake.

Ainslie defeated Eastlake in the Second Semi-Final by 15 points at Ainslie Oval to advance through to the Grand Final.

  • Final score: Ainslie 8.7-55 def Eastlake 5.10-40
  • Goal kickers for Ainslie: Durkin 2, Neeson 2, Cawson 2, Williams 1, Heales 1

Ainslie won the 1961 Premiership by defeating Queanbeyan by 8 points in the Grand Final. The game was played before a record crowd at Manuka Oval of 6,000.

  • Final score: Ainslie 9.12-66 def Queanbeyan 9.4-58
  • Goals: Durkin 2, Lyon 2, Cawson 1, Heales 1, Neeson 1, Kershaw 1, Robbie 1
  • Best: A Ray, Neeson, Ross, Browning, Kershaw, Gale, Irvine, Cawson

The Ainslie Grand Final team was:

  • Backs: Spencer, Carnegie, Ray
  • Half Backs: Palmer, Hincksman, Gale
  • Centres: Kershaw, Browning, Ross
  • Half Forwards: Williams, Neeson, Durkin
  • Forwards: Cawson, Lyon, Farrelley
  • Rucks: Irvine, Robbie, Heales
  • 19th: Monaghan, 20th: Murphy
  • Reserves: Blomfield, Neave, Elliot, Cross
  • Coach First Grade: Norm Neeson

Club Awards

First Grade

  • Best & Fairest: Alan Ray
  • Most Consistent: Keith Heales
  • Most Improved: Jim Robbie
  • Best Clubman: Peter Murphy

Second Grade

  • Best & Fairest: F Burke
  • Most Consistent: B Neave
  • Most Improved: E Kruger


  • Best & Fairest: P Murphy
  • Most Consistent: K Moore
  • Best Utility: J Williams
  • Most Improved: Laurie Laffan

1961 Office Bearers

  • President: H.J. Gaylard
  • Senior Vice-President: Stan J.L. Ray
  • Treasurer: R.J.R. Glynn
  • Secretary: Alan L. Ray
  • Committee: R Alder, A Bright, R Donnellan, L James, T Graham, J Rowe, J Robbie, H McCulloch, E Clifford, A Bennett
  • Patrons: Ralph Lewis, R.W. Chew