There were six teams in the Canberra League in 1967, Acton, Ainslie, ANU, Eastlake, Manuka and Turner-Queanbeyan.

Ainslie played Manuka in the Second Semi-Final at Ainslie Oval. Manuka were too good winning by 60 points.

  • Final score: Ainslie: 8.10-58 def by Manuka 16.22-118
  • Goal kickers for Ainslie: Neeson 3, Hassett 2, O’Toole 1, Ryan 1, Rendell 1
  • Best: Bloomfield, Tucker, O’Toole, Ryan, Neeson, Edwards, Black

In the Preliminary Final at Ainslie Oval Eastlake defeated Ainslie by 20 points.

  • Final score: Ainslie 10.13-73 def by Eastlake 14.9-93
  • Goal kickers for Ainslie: Hassett 4, Cox 2, Neeson 2, Drake 1, Moore 1
  • Best: O’Toole, Cox, Tucker, Hassett, Drake, Kershaw

The Ainslie First Grade Preliminary Final team was:

  • Backs: Michael Noonan, Charlie Smith, Bob Dunkeld
  • Half Backs: Murdoch, Tucker, Edwards
  • Centres: Ralph Rendell, Ricky Moore, Barry Kershaw
  • Half Forwards: Bill Drake, Alan Bloomfield, Kevin Hassett
  • Forwards: Cox, Norm Neeson, Mick Warren
  • Rucks: O’Toole, Peter Searle, Bernie Ryan
  • Reserves: John McMillan, Tony Irvine

Manuka defeated Eastlake in the Grand Final 11.15-81 to 6.13-49 to win its first Premiership in 12 years.

Ainslie won the L J Hooker Shield as the pest Performed Club.

Norm Neeson was the leading goal kicker in the League with 60 goals for the season.

Bill Drake was appointed Captain/Coach of the Canberra Representative team. Other Ainslie players who played Representative football in 1967 were Alan Bloomfield, Ric Moore, Laurie O’Toole, Brian Read, Charles Smith and Tony White.

1967-Ainslie Second Grade Premiership Team

Second Grade

The Ainslie Second Grade played Eastlake in the Second Semi-Final and had a win by 5 points.

  • Final score: Ainslie 6.5-41 def Eastlake 5.6-36
  • Goal kickers for Ainslie: Gowing 2, Read 2, Sanderson 1, Rowe 1
  • Best: Dunkeld, Noonan, Read, Heales, Metha, Ryder

Ainslie won its First Second Grade Premiership for 21 years when they defeated Eastlake in the Grand Final at Manuka Oval. Ainslie Captain Keith Heales kicked 7.7 in a best on ground performance.

  • Final score: Ainslie 16.11-107 def Eastlake 4.11-35
  • Goal kickers for Ainslie: Heales 7, W Blomfield 3, Dunkeld 2, Sanderson 1, Rowe 1, Gowing 1, Irvine 1
  • Best: Heales, Layzell, Irvine, Blomfield, Metha, Dunkeld, Price, Sanderson, Stankevicious

The Ainslie Second Grade Grand Final team was:

Dunkeld, Murphy, Noonan, Lalor, Metha, Cross, Price, Layzell, Read, McCulloch, Gowing, Sanderson, Laffin, Rowe, Heales, Irvine, Stankevicious, Blomfield, Ryder, Harris

  • Captain: Keith Heales, Vice-Captain: R Gowing

Third Grade

Ainslie defeated Eastlake by a point in the Third Grade Second Semi-Final.

  • Final score: Ainslie 6.9-45 def Eastlake 6.8-44
  • Goals for Ainslie: Slattery 2, Muir 1, Harris 1, McCulloch 1, Delaney 1
  • Best: Bravo, Ryder, Harris, Muir, Slattery

Ainslie met Eastlake again in the Grand Final but Eastlake reversed the result winning by 16 points.

  • Final score: Ainslie 5.12-42 def by Eastlake 8.10-58
  • Goal kickers for Ainslie: McCulloch 2, Harris 1, Brokken 1, Quinn 1
  • Best: McDonald, Ryder, McCullouch, Muir, Brokken
  • Coach: Tom Moore, Captain: Peter McDonald, Vice Captain: John Bravo


The Ainslie Colts team were defeated in the Second Semi-Final by Manuka.

  • Final score: Ainslie 2.7-19 def by Manuka 3.11-29
  • Goal kickers for Ainslie: Lancaster, Organ
  • Best: C Smith, P Tormey, Mathews, Martin

The Colts lost the Preliminary Final against Eastlake to finish in third place.

  • Final score: Ainslie 9.6-60 def by Eastlake 9.12-66
  • Goal kickers for Ainslie: Lancaster 5, Tormey 1, Short 1, Bloomfield 1, O’Rourke 1
  • Coach: Les Durkin
  • Captain: Charles Smith, Vice-Captain: Graham Read


The Ainslie U17 Intermediate grade team defeated Manuka 2 team in the First Semi-Final.

  • Final score: Ainslie 20.36-156 def Manuka 2 0.1-1
  • Goal kickers for Ainslie: Parker 5, Wark 4, Cliff 4, Jones 3, Laird 2, Burmeister 1, Carter 1
  • Best: Wark, Cliff, Burmeister, Laird

In the Preliminary Final Ainslie were defeated by Eastlake to finish third.

  • Final score: Ainslie 3.8-26 def by Eastlake 6.5-41
  • Goal kickers for Ainslie: Jones 1, Cliff 1, Laird 1
  • Best: Wark, Harris, Laird, West
  • Coach: Bob Hincksman

Club Awards

First Grade

  • Best & Fairest: P Tucker
  • Runner Up B&F: G Cox
  • Most Consistent: B Ryan
  • Most Improved: P Murdoch

Second Grade

  • Best & Fairest: Owen Layzell
  • Runner Up B&F: K Price
  • Most Consistent: Keith Heales
  • Most Improved: Bob Dunkeld

Third Grade

  • Best & Fairest: Peter McDonald
  • Runner Up B&F: D Ryder
  • Most Consistent: B Coombe
  • Most Improved: J Regent


  • Best & Fairest: J Smith
  • Runner Up B&F: M Martin
  • Most Consistent: P Tormey
  • Most Improved: Graham Read
  • Coach’s Trophy: C Smith


  • Best & Fairest: D Laird
  • Runner Up B&F: K Wark
  • Most Consistent: P Harris
  • Most Improved: M Smith

Club Officials

  • President: Harry Gaylard
  • Senior Vice President: J Rowe
  • Vice Presidents: C Burmester, P Clynes, M Denley, A Hawke, J Humphreys-Reid, H E Kruger, J B McCabe, H McCulloch, B Martin, Norm Neeson, Stan Ray, R Read, A Rendell, M Taafe
  • Treasurer: Barry Browning
  • Secretary: Alan Ray
  • Ass. Secretary: J Spencer