There were 7 teams in the Canberra Australian National Football League in 1972, Acton, Ainslie, ANU, Belconnen, Eastlake, Manuka and Queanbeyan.

Ainslie won 13 and lost 5 games in the home and away matches to finish in third place.

In the First Semi-Final Ainslie defeated Belconnen by 70 points.

  • Final score: Ainslie 24.14-158 def Belconnen 13.10-88
  • Goal kickers for Ainslie: A Bongetti 13, O Layzell 3, M Smith 2, P Mayne 2, J Davies 2, White 1, Batchelor 1
  • Best: M Smith, A Bongetti, P Mayne, B Henricksen

In the Preliminary Final Ainslie defeated Manuka by 1 point to go through to the Grand Final against Eastlake.

  • Final score: Ainslie 17.11-113 def Manuka 16.16-112
  • Goal kickers for Ainslie: A Bongetti 9, L Laffan 3, O Layzell 1, B Johnston 1, P Mayne 1, R Rendell 1, P Johnson 1
  • Best: A Bongetti, P Johnson, R Rendell, B Ryan, B Henricksen, B Kershaw

Ainslie were well beaten by Eastlake in the Grand Final to finish in second place.

  • Final score: Ainslie 9.8-62 def by Eastlake 26.19-175
  • Goal kickers for Ainslie: A Bongetti 4, M Smith 2, O Layzell 2, J Davies 1
  • Best: N Gregory, C Smith, M Smith, P Mayne, B Henricksen

The Ainslie Grand Final Team was:

  • Backs: Kevin Hassett, Charles Smith, Laurie Laffan
  • Half backs: Bernie Ryan, Barry Henricksen, Geoff McCormick
  • Centres: Barry Kershaw, Ralph Rendell, Brian Read
  • Half forwards: Wayne Batchelor, Peter Johnson, Owen Layzell
  • Forwards: Bruce Johnston, Alan Bongetti, Martin Smith
  • Rucks: Nigel Gregory, John Davies, Patrick Mayne
  • 19th: Anthony White, 20th: Mick Walsh, Emergency: Paul Shallow

The Ainslie players who represented the ACT in games against Queensland and Essendon were Brian Read, Alan Bongetti, Charles Smith, Peter Johnson and Ralph Rendell.

Alan Bongetti kicked 105 goals in the season.

Three players reached 100 games during the season, Kevin Hassett, Brian Read and Ralph Rendell.

  • Captain/Coach: John Davies
  • Ass.Coach: Peter Johnson
  • Manager: John Bravo

1972 Ainslie Second Grade Premiership Team

Second Grade

Ainslie Second Grade finished on top of the ladder after the home and away games with 20 wins and 1 loss.

In the Second Semi-Final Ainslie were defeated by Manuka.

  • Final score: Ainslie 9.13-67 def by Manuka 14.10-94

Ainslie defeated RMC in the Preliminary Final to go through to the Grand Final.

  • Final score: Ainslie 18.15-123 def RMC 13.11-89

In the Grand Final Ainslie were able to defeat Manuka by 52 points to win the Premiership after being runners up the past two years.

  • Final score: Ainslie 16.17-113 def Manuka 9.7-61

Graham Read won the Second Grade J McNamara Trophy for the Best and fairest in the League.

Bob Dunkeld played his 100th Second Grade game during the season.

  • Coach: Peter Johnson
  • Manager: Tom Moore

Under 19

The Ainslie Under 19 team was defeated by Queanbeyan in the First Semi-Final to finish in fourth place.

Under 19 players who were selected in the NSW Combined High School side were Tom Talsma, Alan Smith, Manuel Moullakis and Robert Tutt.

  • Coach: J Williams
  • Manager: John McGrath, John Bravo


  • The Monaro team made the top four for the first time.
  • They were defeated in the First Semi-Final to finish in fourth place.
  • Ron Edwards won the Monaro Best & fairest Award.
  • Coach: Ron Edwards

Under 17

The Ainslie U17 team defeated Manuka in the Preliminary Final.

  • Final score: Ainslie 18.16-124 def Manuka 5.3-33

Defeated in the Grand Final by Belconnen to finish in second place

  • Final score: Ainslie 11.6-72 def by Belconnen 15.11-101.
  • Coach: Neil McCann
  • Manager: A Belltowers

Club Awards

First Grade

  • Best & Fairest: Brian Read
  • Runner Up B&F: Alan Bongetti
  • Most Consistent: Pat Mayne
  • Most Improved: Nigel Gregory

Second Grade

  • Best & Fairest: Graham Read
  • Runner Up B&F: John Fusinato
  • Most Consistent: Kevin Furst
  • Most Improved: Dave Power

Under 19

  • Best & Fairest: Peter Shanley
  • Runner Up B&F: Geoff Henry
  • Third: Peter Talsma
  • Fourth: Michael Cliff
  • Don Robertson Memorial Trophy: Alan Smith


  • Best & Fairest: Tony Jamieson
  • Runner Up B&F: Ian MacDonald
  • Most Consistent: Ron Edwards
  • Most Improved: Gil Allen

Under 17

  • Best & Fairest: Manual Moullakis
  • Runner Up B&F: Barry Huntingford
  • Third: Paul Smith
  • Fourth: Jamie Belltowers
  • Manager’s Trophy: Jimmy O’Dea
  • Coach’s trophy: Jamie Belltowers

Club Officials

  • President: Alan Ray
  • Senior Vice President: Brian Palmer
  • Vice Presidents: F L Cornell, Lionel James, W Smith
  • Secretary: R Venables
  • Assistant Secretary: M Ryan, B Ryan
  • Treasurere: Barry Browning
  • Committee: John Bravo, G Harwood, Keith Heales, John McGrath, D McIntyre, P Murdoch, Norm Neeson, B Norbury, C Smith, J Spencer, B Read, Tom Talsma
  • Patrons: R H Lewis, R W Chew