First Grade

Pat Gribble was appointed the Coach of Ainslie. Pat had experience coaching teams in the Riverina area.

Ainslie First Grade played Tuggeranong in the First Semi-Final.

  • Final score: Ainslie 8.12-60 def by Tuggeranong 17.8-110
  • Goal kickers for Ainslie: G Gorman 3, G Zochling 1, B Thornton 1, P Gribble 1, J Read 1, P Gambale 1
  • Best: B Thornton, P Gribble, R Taylor, B Rebecca, A Kouvaras

Members of the ACT Representative team that played in the Australian Country Championships in Wagga were Pat Gribble, Todd Pulford, Mal Beattie and Richard Taylor.

Leading goalkicker for the Club in 2000 was Gerard Zochling with 24 goals.

The 38 Players who played First Grade were:

Malcolm Beattie, Jesse Brook, Jason Burgess, Glenn Chapman, Mark Deane, John Dickie, Aldo Dipetta, Dean Gagnon, Paul Gambale, Steve Glowrey, Glenn Gorman, Brent Green, Pat Gribble, Stephen Kent, Andrew Kouvaras, Nathan McDonald, Dean McGee, Craig McGough, Barry McLachlan, Anthony Pavey, Luke Pavey, Vincent Proud, Todd Pulford, John Read, Brent Rebecca, Paul Salter, Marcus Sheridan, Chris Smith, Evan Smith, Ryan Storey, Richard Taylor, Ben Thornton, Sam Truesdale, Andrew Wainwright, Peter Wallensky, Justin Wood, Gerard Zochling, Brian Zutt.

  • Captain/Coach: Pat Gribble
  • Ass. Coach: Aldo Dipetta
  • Manager: John Smith

Second Grade

Andrew Kouvaras won the League’s Second Grade Best & Fairest Award, the J McNamara Award.

  • Coach: Wayne Kelty
  • Captains: Jason Burgess and Dean McGee
  • Manager: Tom Munyard

2000-Ainslie Under 18 Team

Scott Gibson was appointed coach of the Ainslie Under 18 team.

  • Coach: Scott Gibson
  • Ass. Coaches: Brett Hannam, Graham Read
  • Manager: Geoff Harders

District Division

Narrowly missed the finals falling short by 2 premiership points.

  • Coach: Dave Crawford
  • Manager: John Stannard


  • Coach: Shane Gnaden

Club Awards

First Grade

  • Best & Fairest: Todd Pulford
  • Runner up B&F: Paul Gambale
  • Most Consistent: Glenn Gorman
  • Coach’s Award: Malcolm Beattie

Second Grade

  • Best & Fairest: Andrew Kouvaras
  • Runner up B&F: Dean McGee
  • Most Consistent: Evan Smith
  • Best in Finals: Dean McGee

Under 18

  • Best & Fairest: Glenn Chapman
  • Runner up B&F: Pat Scanlon, Jake Smith
  • Most Improved: Jared Cox

District Division

  • Best & Fairest: Luke Laffan
  • Runner up B&F: Tim Chandler
  • Best Clubman: Mark Field
  • Most Improved: Brett Jones
  • Leading Goal Kicker: Graeme Budd


  • Best & Fairest: Kellie Brett
  • Most Consistent: Kendelle Treloar
  • Most Improved: Monica van Wensveen
  • Coach’s Encourage Award: Raf Jarvis
  • Bev Trebilcock Award: Matt Wisw
  • Richard Fleming Memorial Award: Pat Gribble
  • Most Prominent Clubman: Ken Trebilcock

Office Bearers

  • President: Garry Cox
  • Senior Vice President: John Miller
  • Vice President: Craig Smith
  • Secretary: Keith Heales
  • Treasurer: Kel Duncan
  • Committee: Garry Cox, John Miller, Craig Smith, Keith Heales, Kel Duncan, Peter Ireland, Geoff McCormick, Stewart Morgan, Ian Muir, Peter Poke, Mark Sinclair, John Smith
  • Patron: Alan Ray