The Ainslie First Grade team finished in fifth position after the home and away games so missed the finals.

Two Ainslie players, James Kavanagh and Bevan Malloy represented the ACT at the Country Championships in Adelaide.

James Kavanagh, Bevan Malloy and Danny McCarthy were named in the AFL Canberra Team of the Year.

Kieran McRedmond was awarded the AFL Canberra Rising Star Award as the best first year player in the competition.

Reece Langan won the Ainslie Best & Fairest Award for the fourth time, a Club record. Reece also p[layed his 100th game for the Club during the season.

Danny McCarthy was the leading goal kicker for the Club with 68 goals.

The 37 players that played First Grade Games in 2002 were:

James Angel, Malcolm Beattie, Joe Bray, Jesse Brooke, Graeme Budd, Wade Carruthers, Toby Conroy, Paul Craig, Joel Feuerherdt, Joel Forsyth, Dean Gagnon, Glenn Gorman, Jared Gorman, Nathan Greatz, Pat Gribble, Louis Grose, James Kavanagh, Stephen Kent, Andrew Kouvaras, Reece Langan, Ben Leahy, Bevan Malloy, Danny McCarthy, Peter McGrath, Kieran McRedmond, Matthew Paul, Todd Pulford, Brent Rebecca, Justin Searle, Brett Sheehan, Craig Spencer, Ben Thornton, Sam Truesdale, Andrew Wainwright, Anthony Weston, Steve Wright, Paul Yates.

  • Coach: Jamie Shanahan
  • Ass. Coach: Wayne Kelty
  • Manager: John Mohrwinkel

In 2002 the Club celebrated its 75th anniversary being part of the local Canberra Australian Rules competition since 1927. A Wall of Fame was unveiled at the southern end of Ainslie Oval to recognise the history of the Club.

2002 Ainslie Second Grade Team

The Second Grade team finished in third place after the home and away games.

They played Belconnen in the First Semi-Final and were defeated by 2 points to finish fourth.

  • Final score: Ainslie 7.8-50 def by Belconnen 7.10-52
  • Goal kickers for Ainslie: Graeme Budd 2, Marcus Sheridan 2, Justin Wood 2, Jared Gorman 1

John Read kicked 78 goals in Second Grade in 2002.

  • Coach: Wayne Kelty
  • Ass. Coach: Trevor Treloar
  • Captain: James Angel
  • Vice Captains: Marcus Sheridan and Andrew Kouvaras
  • Manager: Tom Munyard

2002 Ainslie Under 18 Team

The Under 18 team finished the home and away in sixth place with 9 wins and 9 losses.

Three U18 players played First Grade in 2002, Kieran McRedmond, Louis Grose and Justin Searle.

  • Coach: Scott Gibson
  • Ass. Coach: Graham Read
  • Managers: Mick Lee and Geoff Harders

District Division

The District team finished in fourth place after the home and away games.

Ainslie were defeated by ANU in the First Semi Final to finish in fourth position.

  • Caoch: Marty Alsford
  • Captain: Dan Kenny
  • Vice Captains: Jason Williams and Stephen Dewes

Women’s Team

The Women’s Team finished in third place after the home and away games.

Ainslie defeated Belconnen in the First Semi-Final.

Ainslie were defeated by Tuggeranong in the preliminary Final.

  • Coach: Shane Gnaden
  • Manager: Barbara Wooderson

Club Awards

First Grade

  • Best & Fairest: Reece Langan
  • Runner Up B&F: Bevan Malloy
  • Clubman Award: James Kavanagh
  • Coach’s Award: Nathan Greatz
  • Player’s Player: James Kavanagh
  • Richard Fleming Memorial Award: Todd Pulford

Second Grade

  • Best & Fairest: Andrew Wainwright
  • Runner Up B&F: John Read
  • Best Club Person: Dean McGee
  • Player’s Player: John Read

Under 18

  • Best & Fairest: Ty Lehmann
  • Runner Up B&F: Jason Kocmar
  • Best Club Person: Louis Grose
  • Most Promising Player: Jack Foster
  • Bev Trebilcock Award: Dylan Nolan

District Division

  • Best & Fairest: Ken Aitchison
  • Runner Up B&F: Carl Toohey
  • Most Consistent: Jake Smith
  • Coach’s Award: Stephen Dewes


  • Best & Fairest: Emily Diprose
  • Runner Up B&F: Summer Caston
  • Most Improved: Dani Curcio
  • Coach’s Award: Emily Taylor
  • Most Prominent Clubman: Geoff Harders
  • Jaws Award: Peter Poke

Office Bearers

  • President: John Miller
  • Senior Vice President: John Smith
  • Vice Presidents: Peter Poke (Football), Ian Muir (Administration)
  • Secretary: Trevor Lond
  • Treasurer: John Smith
  • Committee: John Miller, John Smith, Peter Poke, Ian Muir, Trevor Lond, Ian Bradfield, Garry Cox, Geoff Harders, Peter Ireland, Fred Lehmann, Geoff McCormick, Mark Sinclair, Colin Williams
  • Football Operations Manager: Mark Cartwright