Ainslie finished the home and away games in second place.

Ainslie were defeated by top side Sydney Swans Reserves in the Second Semi-Final.

  • Final score: Ainslie 9.12-66 def by Sydney Swans Reserves 11.9-75
  • Goal kickers for Ainslie: B Doherty 2, J Kavanagh 2, M Barber 1, J Forsyth 1, T Lehmann 1, L Matthews 1, A McSporran 1

Ainslie played Belconnen in the Preliminary Final and were beaten by 10 points to finish in third place.

  • Final score: 8.9-57 def by 10.7-67
  • Goal kickers for Ainslie: Doherty 2, L Grose 1, D Jaques 1, J Kavanagh 1, T Lehmann 1, L Matthews 1, N Paine 1

The Ainslie First Grade team for the Preliminary Final was:

Brett Knowles (Capt/Coach), Matthew Barber, Ben Doherty, Joel Forsyth, Paul Grayling, Nathan Greatz, Louis Grose, Danny Jaques, Roy Jaques, James Kavanagh, Ty Lehmann, David Love, Lucas Matthews, Danial McFarlane, Peter McGrath, Dylan Nolan, Nick Paine, Todd Pulford, Ben Scolyer, Justin Searle, Ryan Tutt

Others who played First Grade in 2005 were: Shaune Austin, Aarin Butler, Gerard Cole, Liam Early, Jack Foster, Jarrod Gorman, Mitch Heaslip, Phil Henderson, Jason Kocmar, Alex McSporran, Kimball Powell, Brent Rebecca, Brett Sheehan.

James Kavanagh was the leading goal kicker in the AFL Canberra First Grade competition with 91 goals.

The Ainslie AFL Canberra representatives were Brett Knowles, James Kavanagh, Lucas Matthews, Peter McGrath, Daniel Jaques, Ben Doherty, Matthew Barber and Paul Grayling.

Brett Knowles, Lucas Matthews, Daniel Jaques, James Kavanagh and Paul Grayling were selected in the AFL Canberra Team of the Year.

Ainslie 2005 – Second Grade Premiership Team

The Ainslie Second Grade team went through the home and away games undefeated to finish top.

Ainslie defeated Eastlake in the Second Semi-Final.

  • Final score: Ainslie 12.10-82 def Eastlake 8.11-59
  • Goal kickers for Ainslie: J Ryan 4, S Truesdale 3, K Powell 2, P Henderson 1, B Scolyer 1, B Sheehan 1

Ainslie met Eastlake again in the Grand Final and defeated them by 62 points to win the Grand Final and so remain undefeated Champions.

  • Final score: Ainslie 17.9-111 def Eastlake 7.7-49
  • Goal kickers for Ainslie: P Henderson 3, S Truesdale 3, J Gorman 2, A Kouvaras 2, L Early 1, P Holland 1, J Kocmar 1, A McSporran 1, D Love 1, N Paine 1, K Powell 1

The Ainslie Second Grade Premiership team was:

  • Backs: Trent Pellow, Nic Louis, Louis Grose
  • Half backs: Mitch Heaslip, Justin Fromm, Jason Kocmar
  • Centres: David Love, Paul Holland, Brett Sheehan
  • Half forwards: Kimball Powell, Andrew Kouvaris, Alex McSporran
  • Forwards: Sam Truesdale, Julian Ryan, Nick Paine
  • Followers: Wes McClay, Phil Henderson, Andrew Wainwright
  • Interchange: Liam Early, Jarrod Gorman, Jack Foster

Andrew Wainwright won the McNamara Medal for the AFL Canberra Best & Fairest in the Second Grade competition.

  • Coach: Jason Burgess
  • Ass. Coach: Glen Rebecca
  • Captain: Andrew Kouvaras, Vice Captain: Andrew Wainwright
  • Manager: John Mohrwinkel

Ainslie 2005 – Under 18

The Ainslie U18 team finished the home and away in fifth place with 7 wins and 11 losses.

  • Coach: Scott Gibson
  • Captain: Giles Tranter, Vice Captain: Michael Lawless
  • Manager: Bryce McJannett

Club Awards

First Grade

  • Best & Fairest: Paul Grayling
  • Runner Up B&F: Daniel Jaques
  • Third B&F: James Kavanagh
  • Coach’s Award: Justin Searle
  • Rising Star: Shaune Austin
  • Past Player’s Award: Paul Grayling

Second Grade

  • Best & Fairest: Andrew Wainwright
  • Runner Up B&F: Julian Ryan
  • Best Clubman: Phil Henderson
  • Player’s Player: Trent Pellow

Under 18

  • Best & Fairest: Michael Lawless
  • Runner Up B&F: Daniel Simpson
  • Best Clubman: Phil Henderson
  • Most Promising Player: Erin Franklin

Third Grade

  • Best & Fairest: Andrew Olson, Mark Jillard
  • Best Clubman: Gavin Pound
  • Coach’s Award: Leigh Kennedy


  • Best & Fairest: Karina Demant
  • Runner Up B&F: Kate Mollison
  • Most Improved: Anna Stewart
  • Coach’s Award: Joanne Lounds
  • Encouragement Award: Fran Babic

Office Bearers

  • President: Keith Heales
  • Senior Vice President: Garry Cox
  • Vice Presidents: Peter Poke, John Smith
  • Secretary: Fred Lehmann
  • Treasurer: Peter Poke
  • Committee: Keith Heales, Garry Cox, Peter Poke, John Smith, Trevor Lond, Mark Simpson, Steven Read, Peter Ireland, Fred Lehmann, Andrew McGrath, Wayne Rogers, Brent Heaver, Glen Rebecca
  • Football Operations Manager: Garry Lawless
  • Patron: Alan Ray