It is with a tinge of sadness that the Ainslie Football Club (Ainslie FC) General Manager Simon Holt has tendered his resignation.
After having been involved in Ainslie Junior Football from 2007, Simon then moved on to become Junior President and Junior Football manager before commencing in the General Manager role in July 2017.
Prior to joining the AFC, Simon served as Business Manager of The Salvation Army, ACT & South NSW Division from 1997-2011. With Simon’s experience in working for the Not-for-Profit sector, we utilised his skills in exploring how a relationship with a community organisation could benefit both the organisation and the Ainslie FC.
Simon has had a substantial impact on the running of the Ainslie FC and we would like to pay tribute to the tremendous contribution that he has made. I’m sure most of the Ainslie Community would have bumped into Simon at some stage of their football journey and you’d agree that Simon is very passionate about the “Red, White & Black” and could always be relied upon to find solutions to our football challenges and considering the past couple of years he’s done a fantastic job.
Simon has led a team of staff and volunteers that has built the organisational capability of our club, managed our finances, contributed to ongoing stakeholder engagement across our community with important internal and external stakeholders, and managed the maintenance and development of our facilities to achieve seamless delivery of our football program.
Simon said “It’s time for me to move on from my role as General Manager for the incomparable Ainslie Football Club. I have loved every minute of it, but the time has come for someone else to take this great Club forward. I never saw myself as the person to help lead the most significant football club in Canberra, it just seemed to happen. I hope I have made a positive difference to this Club, and I look forward to assisting the Club moving onward and upward.
I got “roped into” the role of Junior President in late 2013. By late 2014 I added the role of Junior Football Manager. I continued these until late 2017. Meanwhile I stepped into role of General Manager in July 2017.
I thank everyone for their support over the period and look forward to taking on a new and different role. I have been fortunate to work with so many amazing people who share a passion to make the Ainslie Football Club a quality place to be, be it a parent of an u8s player, a person new to footy, a coach, an official, a volunteer or a player.
I will be finishing up at Presentation Day. Alas for you, you will continue to see me haunting the boundary fence of Ainslie footy”.
It has been an absolute pleasure working with Simon and we’re hopeful that we can retain him in some way around the Ainslie FC.
The Ainslie FC Board will advertising his role in the near future.
Lee Phillips
President, Ainslie Football Club