Here at Ainslie our Junior Football Program covers Auskick Rookies, non-competitive football (u8s-u10s) and competitive footy (u11s-u16s and Youth Girls 18s) and operates in line with the core values of Fun, Participation, Sportsmanship, Skill Development and Community with the aim of:

  • Developing our young men/women through participation in football and in a team environment

  • Encouraging our young people to excel – at football and in our community

  • Encouraging participation and enjoyment
  • Encouraging sportsmanship and responsibility
  • Building the culture and community of Ainslie

The continued growth of our Junior Football Program, and particularly the growth in girls footy, over the last few years indicates that we are doing something right.

For those who are new to Ainslie we are delighted you have chosen to join us as your local footy club and look forward to developing our relationship with you over your time at the Club.

For those who are returning, we are excited that you are back to play more footy with us and we look forward to catching up with you again during the season.


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How many rounds are there?2021-05-09T18:04:09+10:00

Juniors will play 14 rounds this season followed by three weeks of finals.

Can my child play in the same team as a friend or relative?2021-05-09T18:08:46+10:00

We aim to accommodate requests to play with friends or relatives wherever possible taking account of such factors as team size, team composition etc.

Can my child play up/down in another age group?2021-05-09T18:10:54+10:00

The Ainslie Juniors Age Dispensation Policy acknowledges that, from time to time, players will seek to play in a higher or lower age competition than the one determined by the player’s chronological age. Any such applications will be considered in accordance with the Policy, however, the Club also acknowledges the principal role of parents/guardians in making any such determinations. Prior to the player participating in any games the player’s parent or guardian must complete and sign the relevant Age Dispensation Application consent form and return it to the Club.

Applications for age dispensation to play up may be for a single year or two or more years.  Single year Age Dispensation Applications will be considered by the AFC Juniors President in consultation with Coaches as necessary. In the case of a request for a two-year dispensation, the player’s application and the Club’s recommendation will be forwarded to AFL Canberra for final decision.

Consideration of playing up Age Dispensation Applications will involve an assessment of the following factors:

  • Age – the difference between the player’s age and those playing in the older age group
  • Size and maturity – whether or not a player is well developed physically and mentally for his/her age. The assessment will take account of whether the player will be put in an unsafe environment playing against older/larger players
  • Skill level – whether a player has good skills or is in a development stage. Skill levels are important and can determine how often the player will get the ball during a match and whether he/she can make use of it. Lack of skills and getting the ball can lead to lack of confidence
  • Other factors – such as team balance, player motivation, discipline and nature of the request ie to play up full time or part-time.

A player may also seek dispensation to play down in a competition below their applicable age group for reasons such as physical capacity, disability or development considerations. Players seeking exemption to play down must obtain dispensation in accordance with the National Age Dispensation Policy.

The player concerned and his/her parents must lodge a signed Age Dispensation Application – Younger Age Form with the Junior President. The application must be supported by relevant medical evidence which states the basis for, and reasons to support, the request for the player to play down a competition age group, having regard to all relevant matters pertaining to the player, including:

  • the player’s disability; and/or
  • the player’s physical size or development considerations; and
  • the qualifications of the person providing the certificate.

The application, supporting medical certificate and the Club’s recommendation will be forwarded to AFL Canberra for final decision. AFL Canberra will determine the application for exemption as it sees fit, after considering the circumstances presented.

What gear do I need?2021-05-09T18:11:52+10:00

Junior players will be issued with a playing jumper and one pair of playing socks prior to your first game. Players are responsible for laundering their jumper during the season and bringing it on game day. Playing jumpers must be returned at the end of the season but the socks are yours to keep.

Players will need to purchase playing shorts, football boots and a mouthguard (see below for info on where to buy).

Other Club merchandise (including hoodies, beanies, scarves, caps, tracksuit pants, polo shirts, jackets, backpacks and sports bags) are also available for purchase, with some items being stocked in-house and others available only from the supplier during specific campaigns (see below).

Where do I buy gear?2021-05-09T18:12:26+10:00

Ainslie Merchandise – playing shorts, additional pairs of socks and some stocked merchandise items can be purchased directly from the office at 5 Angas Street, Ainslie, during business hours or at other times as agreed.  Because we have limited space we cannot stock all items at the office so from time to time we will be running online campaigns during which you can purchase non-stock items of clothing direct from the supplier.  Please keep an eye on our website and Facebook pages for more information on this initiative.

Mouthguards – in conjunction with Dickson Park Dental Surgery we are again offering the Ainslie community an opportunity to purchase a custom-fitted mouthguard at a reduced price. Email juniors@ainsliefootball.com.au for further information.

Footy Boots – if you’re looking to buy football boots you might like to head to Rebel Sport. Don’t forget to mention that you’re connected to Ainslie.

How else can I help?2021-05-09T18:13:51+10:00

The Club runs on the strength of our volunteers and we are always on the lookout for people to volunteer their time and skills to help out our teams, whether on game day, at training or more generally. Specific game day roles include Boundary/Goal Umpire, Water Runner, Team Runner and First Aid but we also need people to time keep and cast Best and Fairest votes. We also require Coach helpers and Team Managers and may need additional Coaches depending on the number of teams we field this season.

With a few exceptions, you don’t need any special skills to get involved but if you need help we can assist with training for any of these roles. Please contact the Junior President at sueanne.mckeough@ainsliefootball.com.au if you are interested in volunteering in 2021.

Please note that it is a legal requirement for volunteers who have regular and ongoing contact with players (eg Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Team Managers, First Aiders, training assistants etc) to hold a Working with Vulnerable People (WWVP) general registration card. Club volunteers are able to obtain WWVP cards free of charge by completing an application form (available at www.accesscanberra.act.gov.au/app/answers/detail/a_id/1804/~/working-with-vulnerable-people-%28wwvp%29-registration). Applicants will need to use the Junior President as the Contact person from the Club for the purposes of the application. Parents/carers who perform game day roles on an ad hoc basis may not require a WWVP card.

All volunteers who must hold a WWVP card for the role they are undertaking will need to provide a copy of that card to the Manager – Junior Football Operations. WWVP cards are issued for multiple years and do not need to be applied for annually.

How do I get involved in fundraising activities?2021-05-09T18:15:11+10:00

Like most sporting clubs we rely on support from parents and the community to get our kids on the playing field. This means that from time to time we run activities and events to raise funds for the Club which you are encouraged to support. These funds are used for a variety of purposes, including purchasing player clothing, footballs and other equipment.

In addition, the Club operates a Canteen at Reid Oval during the football season which, apart from providing a service to players and supporters, is an important fundraising opportunity for the Club. The Canteen operates on a rotational duty roster with each team rostered on one-two times a season. You can help ensure the canteen’s successful operation by volunteering for duty when your team is rostered on.

The Club is always on the lookout for Club sponsors. If you have a business or know of someone who has a business that could benefit from some additional marketing through the Club please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Where can I get more information?2021-05-20T20:30:21+10:00

If you need further information or have any specific questions not addressed in the FAQs please contact Sue-Anne McKeough, Junior President, at sueanne.mckeough@ainsliefootball.com.au or 0431 937 438 in the first instance.



When does the 2022 season start?2022-05-14T08:30:02+10:00

The Juniors (including Women’s Rising Stars) season started on the weekend of 30 April.  Home and away games finish on 14 August and are followed by three weeks of finals culminating in Grand Finals which will be held on the weekend of 3/4 September 2022.

Click here for more information on season 2022 dates.

When will the draw be available?2022-05-14T08:32:51+10:00

The draw is available via the following link, just select the Age Group relevant to you. Click Here.

Note changes do happen, of which you will be notified of by your team coach or manager.

How do I register my child?2022-05-14T08:33:52+10:00

The registration process that you will follow depends on which situation applies to you, specifically whether your child:

  • played Junior Football for Ainslie in 2021 (returning Junior football player – excludes Auskick, see below)
  • is a new player who has never played AFL before (new player)
  • played AFL before but is new to Ainslie (transferring player)
  • is transitioning to the Junior Football Program from the Auskick system (transitioning player)
When is the cut-off for registration?2022-05-14T08:34:44+10:00

There is no set cut-off date and we take registrations throughout the season but we do need to confirm teams before the season starts so we strongly encourage you to register early.

How much does it cost to register my child?2022-05-14T08:40:43+10:00

The Junior Registration Fee Schedule for 2022 is below:


Auskick Rookies (4-6 yrs)                                      $100

Auskick Pro – Under 8s                                          $150

Under 9s and Under 10s                                       $150

Under 11s – Under 17s (Boys, Girls,Mixed)       $190

Youth Girls (Under 18s)                                        $190

*Discounts apply for subsequent children. Please contact the Club for further information.


– All Ainslie Football Club junior registrations include a pair of footy socks and an Ainslie training top!


Late Registration

– Full registration fee up until Round 10 of the AFL Canberra season
– $25 per game for registrations after Round 10 of the AFL Canberra season

My child has been playing Junior football at another club – how do we go about transferring to Ainslie?2022-05-16T10:13:09+10:00

We welcome all new players, however, if your child has played junior football for another Club there are some steps you will need to take before you can register with Ainslie. In the first instance, we would ask you to contact your former Club and let them know that you intend to transfer to Ainslie. You will then need to advise our Junior President, Sue-Anne McKeough, at sueanne.mckeough@ainsliefootball.com.au about your intention to transfer – please provide your child’s date of birth and former team’s name.

As a courtesy, we will also contact your former club to confirm that we have received a transfer request. Assuming that there are no issues, we will process an online transfer request which your former club will need to approve.  You will not be able to register until your player has received clearance from your previous club. Once approved you will be free to register with Ainslie.

When will my child’s team train?2022-05-16T10:14:14+10:00

Training dates and locations are still being finalised but, as a general rule, this year boys will train on Mondays and Wednesdays and girls will train on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Many teams will also be running specific pre-season training sessions.

Please keep an eye on our website and Facebook pages for more information on training dates and times.

How will I know what’s going on?2022-05-16T10:21:44+10:00

Club Based Information

Club-based information will generally be either emailed to you or posted to our website (www.ainsliefootball.com.au) or Facebook page (Ainslie Football Club – Juniors), sometimes all three.  Our website has undergoing some much needed updating and we hope that this new and improved version will make information more readily available. Our Facebook page is used to convey information such as game cancellations and ground closures. If you’re not already following us on Facebook we highly recommend that you do so and that you add our website to your favourites.

To help us keep in touch it is a requirement that you provide a current contact email address as part of your registration application. Please notify us if your email address changes during your time with the Club.

In addition to the above some teams use various apps as a key means of communication.  Further information check with your Team Manager.

Team Based information

Team-based information will come from your child’s Team Manager and may take the form of an email, text or both.  Please ensure that you provide your Team Manager with up-to-date contact details at the start of the season.

Who will be my child’s coach?2022-05-16T14:56:52+10:00

Coaching appointments will be finalised once we know how many teams we have and how many Coaches we’ll need but some preliminary appointments have already been made.  Click here for a list of Coaches who have been appointed to date.

It is a legal requirement that all our Coaches hold a Working With Vulnerable People General Registration Card. Our Junior Coaches also hold relevant AFL coaching accreditation.


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