While there is enormous disappointment that Season 2021 has been forced to end prematurely due to Covid, there is a sense of relief that a decision has now been made.
We particularly feel for those teams and players who feel robbed by events beyond our control – those that were sitting atop the Premiership ladder and those that were finding form at the end the season.
We await news whether Premierships will be awarded to teams who were top of the ladder when Covid closed the competition down.
There will be those devastated by a failure to end the season, while for others a sense of release, and a group who had already concluded that there would be no more footy. There is no right or wrong way to deal with these types of experiences. Our uniqueness as individuals ensure we all process differently. If you would like support, we would encourage you to reach out to teammates, friends, family and the Football Club. And we would equally encourage people to RUOK check-in with others. If you’d like details of our Player Wellbeing Co-ordinator, please text Simon on 0423 060 061.
As every season ends, we can look back on how well we did or didn’t, how close we came but for those “if only” moments. But just for a little while we would encourage everyone in local footy to just step back, stay safe and, get vaccinated. Let your mind be free of uncertainty about when your next game of footy is and let your body recover.
As a football club we will soon turn our thoughts to reviews of 2021 and planning for 2022. This process will be shared in due time, but now, just focus on looking after you.