How else can I help?


The Club runs on the strength of our volunteers and we are always on the lookout for people to volunteer their time and skills to help out our teams, whether on game day, at training or more generally. Specific game […]

How else can I help?2021-05-09T18:13:51+10:00

How do I get involved in fundraising activities?


Like most sporting clubs we rely on support from parents and the community to get our kids on the playing field. This means that from time to time we run activities and events to raise funds for the Club which […]

How do I get involved in fundraising activities?2021-05-09T18:15:11+10:00

Where do I buy gear?


Ainslie Merchandise – playing shorts, additional pairs of socks and some stocked merchandise items can be purchased directly from the office at 5 Angas Street, Ainslie, during business hours or at other times as agreed.  Because we have limited space […]

Where do I buy gear?2021-05-09T18:12:26+10:00

What gear do I need?


Junior players will be issued with a playing jumper and one pair of playing socks prior to your first game. Players are responsible for laundering their jumper during the season and bringing it on game day. Playing jumpers must be […]

What gear do I need?2021-05-09T18:11:52+10:00

Can my child play up/down in another age group?


The Ainslie Juniors Age Dispensation Policy acknowledges that, from time to time, players will seek to play in a higher or lower age competition than the one determined by the player’s chronological age. Any such applications will be considered in […]

Can my child play up/down in another age group?2021-05-09T18:10:54+10:00

Who will be my child’s coach?


Coaching appointments will be finalised once we know how many teams we have and how many Coaches we’ll need but some preliminary appointments have already been made.  Click here for a list of Coaches who have been appointed to […]

Who will be my child’s coach?2022-05-16T14:56:52+10:00

When will my child’s team train?


Training dates and locations are still being finalised but, as a general rule, this year boys will train on Mondays and Wednesdays and girls will train on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Many teams will also be running specific pre-season training sessions.

Please […]

When will my child’s team train?2022-05-16T10:14:14+10:00
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