The Ainslie Football Club is looking for a full-time General Manager. We aim to provide a positive and inclusive environment, supporting people to succeed on and off the field. We see this role as crucial to helping us be a club where people want to be.

Our General Manager leads a team of staff and volunteers to build the organisational capability of our club, manage our finances, contribute to stakeholder engagement across our community with important external stakeholders, and manage the maintenance and development of our facilities to achieve seamless delivery of our football program.

The preferred candidate will have highly developed oral and written communication skills and the ability to work co-operatively across teams and effectively interact with internal and external stakeholders.

Prospective Ainslie Football Club employees must undergo pre-employment screening. You must be willing to provide required information to successfully undergo a police record and working with vulnerable people check.

Mandatory Capabilities:

Managing the organisational capability of our club.

  • Managing governance and interaction with our Board.
  • Implementing our 2022-2027 Strategic Plan.
  • Managing a team of staff and volunteers who support our senior and junior football programs, including our growing Women’s program.
  • Maintaining our enabling processes & systems.

Financial management and oversight.

  • Seeking and managing grants.
  • Managing our payments, accounts and financial reporting.
  • Developing annual budgets

Stakeholder engagement.

  • Attracting and retaining sponsors.
  • Helping to attract and retain volunteers and staff.
  • Overseeing the coordination of our event management program, including our major fundraiser the Ainslie FC Business Lunch.
  • Coordinating club communications.
  • Engaging with external stakeholders, including the ACT Government, NSW/ACT AFL, AFLCanberra and other football clubs.

Desirable Capabilities:

Facilities Management.

  • Contribute to development of capital works and coordinate facilities maintenance.
  • Manage playing equipment, canteen resources, and merchandise strategy.

Football development.

  • Actively contribute and support our senior and junior football programs, including our growing Women’s program.
  • Coordinate the football season cycle.
  • Coordinate our game day experience.

About the Ainslie Football Club

Ainslie FC is the most successful AFL club in Canberra and has as part of its strategic objectives a charter to play and win in the highest level of football competition available.

Ainslie FC was established 1927 and has a proud and rich history of success at all levels of football competition. The culture of the club is built upon tradition, pride, respect, achievement, commitment, integrity and innovation. We wish to build on over 90 years of success to continue to be the best AFL club in Canberra.

Ainslie FC is the only AFL club in Canberra that has complete ownership of its grounds and football facilities, thereby providing exclusive access to Ainslie FC and its partners for the development of Australian Rules Football.

Ainslie FC is committed to continuing to deliver a positive environment that breeds high performance in accordance with our core values of accountability, equality and respect.

For further information please see Home – Ainslie Football Club | Est. 1927

How to apply

You will submit your application to Ainslie Football Club Vice-President Sue-Anne McKeough at by 6.00pm on 11th October 2021.

You are required to provide:

  • your resume or curriculum vitae (2-3 pages is preferred)
  • a one-page statement summarising your suitability for the role, ensuring you take into consideration position information, key capabilities and Ainslie Football Club Values (minimum font 11 point)

Your one-page statement

Your one-page statement is your chance to tell us why you are the right person for the job. We want to know what you can offer Ainslie Football Club and how your knowledge, experience, skills and qualifications are applicable to the role.

Your application will be assessed on your ability to demonstrate that you possess the required knowledge, experience, skills and qualifications to perform the role.

We are looking for examples (usually two or three) that demonstrate how you meet the skills required for the role.

You do not need to use a different example to demonstrate each of the skills required. For example, if we are looking for someone with excellent communication skills, the ability to problem solve and work as part of a team, you could use one example that demonstrates all of these skills.

Try not to duplicate information included in your resume but highlight specific examples or achievements that demonstrate your ability to perform the role.

When preparing your one-page statement, try to structure your examples using the PAR method:

  • Problem/situation/issue: Describe the problem, situation or issue that occurred. This should detail a specific situation and not a general comment. You should provide enough detail to allow the selection panel to understand the context. This situation is ideally from a previous job, but it can also be about volunteering, university, or any environment where you can demonstrate your skills.
  • Action: Describe the action you took to address or resolve the problem/situation/issue. Ensure you provide enough detail and keep the focus on you and what you
  • Result: Describe the outcome of your actions. Provide detail about how the problem/situation/issue was resolved, and how the result impacted on the goal/objective of the organisation or team.

Your resume

The quality of your resume creates a vital first impression. At a minimum, you should include the following details.

  • Contact details – include your name, contact email address and phone number. Your resume does not need to include your gender, date of birth or a photo.
  • Education – provide details of any relevant education and qualifications.
  • Work experience – include relevant work experience and outline in brief your main responsibilities and achievements.
  • Other experience – that is relevant to the position.

Reasonable adjustments

You may wish to let us know if you have specific requirements relating to this recruitment process, such as mobility assistance, interpretation and/or signing (for candidates with a hearing impairment). Please inform the contact officer if you have requirements prior to your interview.

Ainslie Football Club will accommodate requests for reasonable adjustment for people with disabilities to assist in the application process and if successful, the inherent requirements of the position.


To be negotiated

Contact Officer

Please contact Simon Holt at or 0423 060 061